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When we talk about B2B sales, the first thing that may come to your mind is networking or relationship marketing. However, companies do not live only on referrals. Global iTech, an agency specializing in digital marketing and web development, highlights eight key strategies to help the company know the right moment and the best approach to customers, increasing online sales with lasting results. The strategies are Sales Funnel, CRM – Business Management Software for Customer Relationship Management, Spin Selling Methodology, Content Marketing, Professional Website, Google AdsSocial Media and SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Digital marketing is the apple of the eye of most managers and entrepreneurs. The world has changed. At this pandemic time, selling over the internet is no longer an option and has become a necessity. Therefore, a good action plan for the sales sector will make all the difference in the company’s results.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

We emphasize that the first strategy to ensure results is the Sales Funnel. It is essential to measure and manage the performance of the sales department and identify possible bottlenecks of lost sales. The main objective of digital marketing is to supply that funnel every day with new prospects for the sales team. Therefore, it is necessary to map the customer’s purchase journey in stages. Define the mandatory steps that your potential consumer (lead) must go through during the process. From the moment the consumer requests the budget through the first contact, presentation and follow-ups, until final negotiations and contract signing.

At this stage, the CRM enters, which will materialize your sales funnel and make it easy to follow the evolution of each of the steps. This kind of control is essential in B2B sales because they tend to be a long journey. Imagine managing thousands of proposals and customers in a spreadsheet. It just won’t work in the long run.

CRM also has the function of facilitating and automating repetitive tasks. For example,  personalized follow-up emails to the prospect that will be sent at the right time. The software also tracks the performance of salespeople. So the entrepreneur can make the right decisions to grow the team, in addition to making promotions and bonuses that can encourage professionals to sell even more. This way, the tool will bring more profitability to your business.

Another fundamental strategy for B2B digital marketing is the Spin Selling Methodology created by Neil Rackman. It improves the company’s business pitch by structuring the entire sales presentation into questions that must be asked and answered throughout the sales process. This methodology makes the dialogue with the prospect much more consultative, making them aware of the problems that your product or service solves.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is also part of the strategy. By creating and distributing relevant and consistent content, it is possible to attract new leads, retain current customers, and strengthen the company’s brand. To improve content quality, it’s best to look at your competitors. See what they’re talking about on their websites and blogs, and identify content gaps they may have missed.

In addition to the professional website, which serves as the digital business card, bringing more credibility to your target audience, social networks are also a springboard to increase the brand’s reputation with attractive and frequent content. A very common mistake is just posting funnel content, that is, a real commercial for your company or product. It’s important to focus your efforts on producing posts that support your company’s persona. A good measure is 3X1: Produce three pieces of content relevant to each ad or content that speaks only about your company.

Moreover, having tools like Google Ads for quick sales is also a great solution, especially in the short term, to attract buyers and customers. At Google, we reached the top of the iceberg (which, depending on the market, is already a lot).

In addition to quick sales, it is necessary to draw up a long-term plan to sustain the company’s results. In this case, SEO – Search Engine Optimization is recommended. Imagine SEO as a plantation. Try to plant high-demand content without seasonality peaks (Ever Green content). In the beginning, the results tend to be smaller, so it’s worth optimizing your production with paid ads as well.

At Global iTech, we will build the right B2B strategy for your business.